Friday, March 20, 2009

A Great Love

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I have been reading some fun blogs for some time now (since last summer?) but have just recently decided (as in, today) that I am brave enough to start my own, albeit relatively anonymously. I am a big reader and not so much a terrific writer, but I look forward to working on those skills here. :) For now, I just want to share some of my favorites and things that make me happy before I start to bore you with the mundane details of life as a college student.

Today, I went to Target to get some dish soap. Of course, I had to browse through the inexpensive accessory selection and found this scarf that could be from J.Crew for $12.99:
Good stuff. Also, in the check-out line, I spotted the magazine we have all (okay, well maybe just I have) been waiting for...As a young woman, I really do look up to Michelle Obama; her fashion sense and personal style, as well as her achievements and strong sense of the right priorities (i.e. her daughters). I know it is not news that she is one the cover or that she is wearing J.Crew in the editorial spread, but I cannot wait to read the story. Will Anna Wintour approve of her many budget-conscious looks... I certainly do because she always looks fabulous. Sadly, I have to wait to peruse this fashion bible (why I have not subscribed by now I can hardly tell you,) until after I have made some headway on my combined paper/oral presentation due on Thursday. Then I get to head home for Spring Break (why does my back always hurt on this drive... perhaps because I have been hunched over my laptop and then the steering wheel for hours on end? Hmmm...)

Now putting on my headphones to my favorite iTunes study mix...