Wednesday, November 18, 2009

new Candace Bushnell!

Finally, Candace Bushnell, one of my self-proclaimed favorite queens of chic-lit in the good old "about me" section of this blog has announced a new release! I can't say I expected this sort of thing from her, but it will no doubt span both the young adult and the adult women's fiction market, which is only a good thing in today's publishing situation. I certainly plan on picking this up and reading it ASAP as soon as it comes out, followed by a viewing of SATC2!

Off to watch The Time Traveler's Wife with Rachel McAdams, my fave... I bought her new book recently so hopefully I can get into it over Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 13, 2009

The lyrics describe my feelings about books quite summarily

I'm still not sure that a Kindle/Nook are for me... too soon my dreams of having an enormous library full of everything I've ever read would be dashed. But this is divine.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Emily Giffin's Got Style

Thank you to Spice and Sass for referring me to this wonderful Access Atlanta piece on my favorite chic-lit author of all time and fellow Demon Deacon, Emily Giffin!

Clearly, not only can the girl write, but has fabulous fashion sense. So, being that this blog is dedicated to books and styles that strike my fancy, I thought I'd share as well.

After looking through this slideshow, I figured that no author/celebrity typically does publicity of this sort unless they're promoting a new project... and I remembered receiving an email a little while back with a preview of Giffin's new book, coming out in Spring 2010, The Heart of the Matter. (Yes, I receive email updates from Borders, B&N, Amazon, etc. that let me know when my favorite authors are coming out with new books... book nerd alert!) Click on the link to read the preview yourself...

Maybe she'll stop by campus again on a book tour like she did my freshman year and this time I won't be stuck in class... and we can meet here before I graduate! Here's to hoping!