Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I have been reading some fun blogs for some time now (since last summer?) but have just recently decided (as in, today) that I am brave enough to start my own, albeit relatively anonymously. I am a big reader and not so much a terrific writer, but I look forward to working on those skills here. :) For now, I just want to share some of my favorites and things that make me happy before I start to bore you with the mundane details of life as a college student.

Today, I went to Target to get some dish soap. Of course, I had to browse through the inexpensive accessory selection and found this scarf that could be from J.Crew for $12.99:
Good stuff. Also, in the check-out line, I spotted the magazine we have all (okay, well maybe just I have) been waiting for...As a young woman, I really do look up to Michelle Obama; her fashion sense and personal style, as well as her achievements and strong sense of the right priorities (i.e. her daughters). I know it is not news that she is one the cover or that she is wearing J.Crew in the editorial spread, but I cannot wait to read the story. Will Anna Wintour approve of her many budget-conscious looks... I certainly do because she always looks fabulous. Sadly, I have to wait to peruse this fashion bible (why I have not subscribed by now I can hardly tell you,) until after I have made some headway on my combined paper/oral presentation due on Thursday. Then I get to head home for Spring Break (why does my back always hurt on this drive... perhaps because I have been hunched over my laptop and then the steering wheel for hours on end? Hmmm...)

Now putting on my headphones to my favorite iTunes study mix...


  1. YAY! Welcome to the blog world :) I can't wait to get to know you better. I need to check out that Vogue. I bet the article on Michelle is great. I love that she wears J.Crew.

  2. I tihnk Michelle Obama is Fantastic - she seems to be a great Mother and Wife, looks FABULOUS and undertakes her first wife duties with great class - this month's Vogue is a must have!! p.s. I too adore creme eggs - yum!!