Saturday, November 20, 2010

I finally gave in...

And I gave it three stars because I am ultimately really undecided on my feelings. While it was definitely compelling, I really didn't understand why it was the "it" book. Smarter than Da Vinci Code in some respects, it was truly too graphic and terrifying for my taste in others. Many times I caught myself thinking, so THIS is what everyone is reading on the Subway?!

I did think the swift and terse writing was very well done. Even though this is a translation, I felt the style matched the starkness of the setting and the emotional stoicism/frigidity of many of the characters. Bleak, but beautiful in some ways.

Jury is out on when I will start the next book. I think I will definitely read it, but not yet. I need a breather, but I find myself reading a book for book club in which the man starts to loose his toes to frostbite (The Unnamed... reminds me all too much of a male-friendly version of The Time Traveler's Wife!)

I know this a cliche book to make my return on. I'm fine with it as long as you are! I'm not going to review The Unnamed because I really did not like it and that is all that needs to be said (see my other feelings above.) 

Next up: Moose, by Stephanie Klein, author of Straight Up and Dirty (one of my favorite memoirs) and the blog Greek Tragedy

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