Sunday, June 7, 2009


I'm in a retro mood lately. I think it's because of Mr. Button. I've been listening to the Mad Men soundtrack nonstop. So romantic. And lovely.

Not nearly as retro was my visit to my old elementary school on this beautifully warm June afternoon with an old friend... we heard they added on to it so went to explore the new playgound. I was singing this cheesey song the entire time. Whatever... it was dreamy. And boy did I feel old.

While my bloggy friends are not nearly as old of friends as my
IRL ones, I have recently found myself navigating back to blogs I deleted from my reader earlier on either because I didn't have enough time to keep up with detailed posts during the busy school year, or just because I wasn't feeling the vibe. And this process in its own way has been like revisiting old friends. Mrs. Blandings is one of these.
I dream of one day assuming her effortlessly chic style and could only wish to have her immaculate taste. I've just added her to my reader again... for the summer anyway, while my workload is low(er) and I have time to revel in the perfection that is her blog. (Photo courtesy of her blog from PVE designs!)


  1. What an awesome picture to have as a header!

  2. I just found your blog (and am also listening endlessly to the Mad Men soundtrack, but am now cracking up over the Dawson's and Felicity references!) and now you've turned me on to Mrs. Blandings' site, too. Thank you!

    Have a great day and good luck in the new job --