Monday, October 26, 2009

Me as Daisy Buchanan

Here's the Gatsby costume I posted about! After scouring a thrift store full of great things from the 60s, 70s and 80s, I was really out of luck for finding anything that matched the 20's era and was still cute enough to go out in. So I bought a pleated skirt, turned it into a strapless dress with a few safety pins and some ribbon in the back, and voila! A Flapper!

I added some long necklaces and rings for baubles, wore silver shoes and turned my hair into a bob. For my hair, I used a curling iron on my entire head (this took at least an hour, I have a lot of hair) and hair sprayed it in place along the way. The I pinned some of the curls underneath my hair (folding it under) and let a few of the shorter pieces hang down (you can tell from the picture.) I also wore a rosette-embellished headband I purchased from Urban Outfitters in Charleston to complete the hairdo.

Silver JCrew heels, my date in a tux, a sparkly shoulder bag and a champagne flute and I was good to go! I've received many compliments on my outfit, even from people who have seen pictures online after the fact... so if you're looking for a creative and not so expensive Halloween costume, I'd recommend this!

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